Orchid Data Systems was established 1984, when Tim Baile, a dairy farmer, frustrated by the lack of good farm recording systems on the market at the time, took it upon himself to write his own. His brother, Simon Baile, saw the commercial opportunities, and could see how his brother’s system could benefit other farmers, and so, DHM (Dairy Herd Management) was launched, and soon became the market standard.

Orchid continued to innovate into the ‘90s, when it released the Orchid for Dairy and Orchid for Beef Animal Management System, and the 1Stop program for pedigree Dairy herds, in conjunction with HUKI and the CIS. This was, and still is, the standard by which all other Windows herd management packages are judged, and even today, contains many unique features, and is relied on by hundreds of farmers.

orchid farmtechIn the mid 2000s, now under new Directors William Rands and Darren Greaves, Orchid were the first company to sense the growing trend towards mobile computing, and released the myHerd PDA add-on for their Animal Management and 1Stop systems. This allowed farmers on the go to enter data such as calvings, bullings and services onto a PDA (Personal, or Portable Digital Assistant) in real time even out in the field, and then synchronise with their desktop database when back in the office.

Once again breaking new ground, Orchid partnered with Belfast-based FarmWizard in early 2012, anticipating the growing trend of cloud and mobile-based computing moving into agriculture. The Orchid FarmWizard system for Dairy, Beef and Sheep was launched shortly after, and once again, Orchid have a product that is streets ahead of the competition.

The Orchid FarmWizard system is a true “access anywhere” system, with multi-user, multi-site access. Because the system accesses data stored in the cloud, it can be used from any device with an internet connection, whether that is a desktop PC, a laptop, mobile smartphone or a tablet. It’s not operating-system reliant, so whether you run a Windows machine, a Linux box or an Apple Mac, you’ll be able to use it. In another first, if you have an iPhone, an Android device or a Blackberry, you can use the mobile version of the system, adding convenience and saving time.

orchid farm tech

Orchid are also bringing to market some ruggedised hardware to complement its existing software solutions, so whether you require a tough smartphone, tablet or barcode reader, we’ll be able to provide you with a hardware solution to perfectly complement your Orchid software. All our tablets and smartphones have high IP ratings, meaning they can withstand adverse conditions, drops from significant heights, or being totally submerged in water.

Whatever product or service you choose with Orchid, you can be sure of great service, and excellent support from our knowledgeable staff who collectively have extensive, wide-ranging experience in farming, IT and hardware solutions.