Orchid Beef Cattle SoftwareOrchid Beef Cattle Software for Windows PC is a fast and reliable program that runs on any version of Microsoft Windows.

It offers you new insights into your herd’s performance and cuts tedious office work right down to size.  Legislative record-keeping, performance analysis and a wide range of data import/export options are all included in one easy-to-use program.

Orchid Beef Cattle Software for Windows is suitable for all types of beef enterprise – suckler, rearer or finisher.

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Simple Record Keeping

Easy-to-use software with flexible action lists. The software keeps individual animal records on your PC’s hard disk – you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to work with Orchid Beef.

Full Movement Book and Herd Register
Orchid Beef records all purchase and sale records and automatically updates the movement book.  The movement book report can be produced at any time in the correct format for DEFRA, Trading Standards or Farm Assurance inspections.

Today’s farm businesses may need to manage animals and report movements across multiple CPH holdings – either owned or rented. Orchid Beef has the flexibility to handle complex movements.  For example, in situations where the BCMS has granted a shared facility land link.  Orchid’s detailed animal tracing facilities will also help you fulfill the requirements of farm assurance schemes.

CTS Link
The Orchid software is approved to send passport applications and movements electronically to the CTS system – known as “CTS Web Services”.  This facility will save you time and remove the risk of errors because you are only need to record the information once.  To use the CTS link you will need an Internet connection, but does not have to be a fast broadband connection.

Passport Scanning
Enter new animals into Orchid Beef by scanning the long barcode on animal passports.  In this situation, the official “On” movement is also created for each animal purchased or sold.  The movement records can then be sent direct to the CTS.

For larger beef enterprises buying in cattle to finish, this facility will save you a significant amount of time when batches of animals are moved onto the holding.

Weight Recording
Manual entry or import from CSV (spreadsheet) file – for example from Tru-Test Link 3000
Detailed animal tracing facilities for farm assurance
Liveweight gain and sale margin reports

Vet & Med Recording
Orchid Beef provides a simple set of screens for recording routine preventative treatments like wormers, as well as individual animal health problems.  Animals within the meat withdrawal period for a drug show a warning if they are marked as sold.

Orchid Beef Cattle Software Starter Package

The basic package includes the following functions:

  • Statutory movement book and herd register
  • On-farm animal tally report
  • CTS Link for passport applications and movement notification


Vet & Medicines

  • Complete veterinary history for every animal including costs
  • Medicine stock control
  • Medicine book – record batch number, expiry date, etc


Beef Cattle Weighing

  • Individual animal graphs and weight gain per day
  • Weight report
  • Sale weight analysis
  • Sale margins related to purchase price and feed



  • Records every foodstuff for individual animals including costs
  • Easy to use feed dispensing
  • Feeding printout
  • Feed history


Herd Management (Suckler)

  • Enter new animals with ID, sex, breed, DOB
  • Batch scanning for rapid data entry


Fast Passport Scanning

  • Record breeding events – bullings, services, calvings
  • Flexible action lists
  • Event reports

To get started with Orchid Beef Cattle Software, can I import my cattle data electronically?

Yes, you can import your data from your “cattle on holding” file, which can be easily downloaded from the CTS Online website.

Does the software link to the CTS?

Yes, Orchid Beef uses an electronic BCMS service called “CTS Web Services” to send passport applications and notify On and Off movements for your holding.

Can I export data to send to my vet and consultant?

Yes, you can export many data grids as a CSV file, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program or imported into other software. There are also ways to save reports in PDF format

Do you have a telephone help desk?

Yes, we have a full-time help desk, which operates from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  We also use remote assistance software which, with your permission, allows us to connect to your PC to provide support and short “bitesize” training sessions.

Do I need a broadband Internet connection to use Orchid Dairy for Windows?

No, the software and your data is stored on your PC’s hard drive.  For linking to the CTS, a dial-up connection will work fine if you don’t currently have access to broadband.

For further information about beef cattle recording with Orchid Beef Cattle Software for Desktop PC, give the team a call today on 01536 443300. Want to trial the software with your own herd data? Click here to register for a Free Trial.