Orchid FarmTech enjoy a close working relationship with FarmWizard. We have been recommending, supplying, installing and configuring the software for our farmers since 2012. In fact we have become so knowledgeable about the software and how it applies to a Sheep, Beef, or Dairy farm, we provide the support services for all FarmWizard technical enquiries!


Whether you have a smallholding or run a multi-site estate FarmWizard software allows you to accurate and easily record all records required by external agencies like the BCMS, it can register births, deaths and stillborn, record breeding, cattle movements is easy to integrate with existing software and processes and because it is hosted to the cloud can be taken anywhere on the farm with a mobile device, even if you don’t have internet access across the entire holding.

FarmWizard has three specific livestock solutions:

FarmWizard for Dairy

Modern dairy farming is a complex enterprise.  With the trend towards larger herd sizes, there’s a lot of cow data that needs to be recorded quickly and accurately. FarmWizard can be accessed through a traditional desktop computer or via the cloud on a mobile device. It integrates well with milking parlour software and will help you to deliver the data need by all external agencies like; BCMS, your milk testing agency or breed society. Find out more about FarmWizard for Dairy here

FarmWizard for Beef

To be profitable, today’s beef farming enterprise needs a recording system that not only handles the demands of cross compliance and farm assurance recording, but also allows the physical and financial performance of the cattle to be monitored. Cattle purchase prices, feeding and other associated costs must all be recorded quickly and easily if you are to find out the true profitability of your enterprise. Find out more about FarmWizard for Beef here…

FarmWizard for Sheep

It’s often said that if you can measure it, you can manage it, so having an efficient recording system to capture flock data is a must.  Traditional recording using a notebook is slow and it’s then very difficult to make use of the information for flock improvement. Find out more about FarmWizard for Sheep here…

Orchid FarmTech are here to help, unsure how the software will work on your holding? Contact us on 01536 443300 or click here to arrange a free trial of the FarmWizard software.