What are Groups in FarmWizard?

Groups are “containers” to hold a number of animal identities. A group can be used in two different ways:

  1. As a Sub Group
  2. As a Report Group

A group can be used as a Sub Group and a Report Group at the same time, but while you are learning the system, you might want to use a group for a single purpose.

There are 45 available group containers in your FarmWizard account.

Using Groups on FarmWizard Dairy – Sub Groups

A Sub Group is used to place together a batch of animals for management purposes,  Some of the common scenarios for adding animals to a Sub Group include:

  • to place together animals of a certain age, breed, or other measurable attribute e.g. weight or daily liveweight gain
  • for ease of handling/recording e.g. veterinary treatments
  • to place together animals that are housed or grazed on a particular physical location
  • to place together animals that are close to sale
  • It is important to remember that one animal can only be a member of one Sub Group at one time


Groups on the mobile App

The FarmWizard mobile App only works with Sub Groups, and there are several data entry screens where you can assign scanned tags to a sub group:

  • Stock Take
  • Mark for Move

To assign animals to a particular Sub Group on the mobile App, select the required group name from the drop down list along with any other relevant details and then start scanning tags as normal.

Report Groups

A Report Group is a saved list of animals identities that has been created by running a custom rule report adding the resulting list to a Report Group.

Once an animal list has bee added to a Report Group, you can view that list again in the future by filtering on the Report Group name.

Adding Animals to a Sub Group

To add animals to a Sub Group:

  1. If necessary, go to Herd Manager main menu and click on Group Manager.  Click on a group in the list, and check that there are no animals assigned to it, either as a Sub Group or a Report Group.  Type in a meaningful name of up to 10 letters/numbers and click the button Update Group Name
  2. Go to the Batch Manager and use one of the animal selection methods to define the list of animals to be added to a Sub Group
  3. Click the Record Event button at the top right of the screen
  4. Select the required group name from the drop down list.  If you want to set the animals to the Group on the same date as joining the herd, tick the From Join Date box. Alternatively, you can select the date that the animal entered the group using the date picker
  5. Click Set to Sub Group to save the changes

Removing animals from a Sub Group

To clear all animals from a Sub Group proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Batch Manager from the Herd Manager main menu
  2. Within the filter section, select the Sub Group you wish to clear from the Group down down list and then click the Filter button
  3. When the animals have been selected, click the Record Event button above the main list box
  4. On the following screen, select “None” from the Group drop down listUsing Groups on FarmWizard Dairy
  5. Click Set to Sub Group to clear the group


Moving animals from one Sub Group to another

To move animals from one Sub Group to another, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Batch Manager and use the Group drop down list to select the Group that you wish to move animals from
  2. Click the Filter button to select all the animals currently in the Group.  If you want to move all animals, click the Record Event button. otherwise hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and within the main list box, click on the animals that you want to leave in the group to de-select thembatch-mgr-filter-group
  3. When you have the correct list of animals selected, click on the Record Event button at the top of the screen
  4. Select the new Sub Group from the drop-down list and click the Set to Sub Group button to move the animals to the new Groupbatch-mgr-set-group

Note: If you are using a mobile device, remember to synchronise before you go outside for a recording session.

Tip: You can view an animal’s group history by bringing it record in the Herd Manager herd list (shown below)