When an animal dies on the holding, the Farm Wizard Herd Register should be updated and the Death movement can optionally be reported to the BCMS.  The Batch Manager can also be used to record animal deaths

Recording Animal Deaths on FarmWizard Beef

To record a single animal death event:

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click List Herd

2.Search or scroll to locate the required animal.

3.Click on it’s ear tag in the list to display it’s details to the right of the screen

4.Click the Death button and complete the date of death, the disposal premises and the reason

5.If you want FarmWizard to report the Death movement to the BCMS/APHIS, tick the Register box

6.Click Record Death







Note: at the present time, cattle passports should still be returned to the BCMS in addition to the electronic notification.