The FarmWizard pedigree functions enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Register calf pedigrees with HUK
  • Download animal pedigree names and herd book numbers
  • Download and select HUK Sires to add to your AI Sire list


To use the HUK pedigree link in FarmWizard, you will need store your HUK Herd Prefix and PIN code within your FarmWizard account.  Please contact the FarmWizard Service Desk for assistance with this task.  These details are securely stored and are not visible on any of the user screens.

HUK Pedigree Link for FarmWizard Dairy – Pedigree Registration

When you record a birth (calving) event for pedigree cow, the Register with Holstein check box will display on the new birth data entry screen (shown below).  You can optionally click Generate Name/Serial No; the FarmWizard system will auto-generate a unique name and serial for the calf.

HUK Pedigree Link for FarmWizard Dairy

To register the pedigree with HUK via FarmWizard, proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure the details of the calf are correct and tick Register with Holstein (also ensure the separate tick box is selected to apply for the passport via BCMS/APHIS)
  2. Save the Birth event as normal
  3. Go to Dairy Manager > Pedigree Breeder > HUK Registrations
  4. Click on the calf’s ear tag number within the data grid. It’s details will display in the white panel to the right. If you need to amend any details, click the Update Calf.. link within the panel
  5. You can register the calf individually or click the Register All button at the top of the data grid to submit all pending registrations to HUK

You can check the details of successful registrations by clicking on View Registered. The Reply column on the calf’s record within the data grid will show a HUK reference number (shown below).

If the registration was unsuccessful, the the Reply column will contain the error message returned from the HUK system.


2015-09-07_12-41-42 Click to update calf pedigree details
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Click to amend the sire semen stock
2015-09-07_12-42-41 Click to update the dam pedigree details


Downloading/Viewing Pedigree Data

Amending Dam Details

Pedigree dam information can be updated and amended by navigating to Dairy Manager > Pedigree Breeder > Pedigree Herd.

Click the required ear tag within the data grid or use the search functions to display the animal’s details to the right of the screen.  Edit the details as required within the white panel and click Update Details to save the changes.


Downloading Pedigree Data

The FarmWizard system can download the latest pedigree details for females in the herd.  This data includes pedigree names and herd book numbers.  Click Download latest pedigrees to perform this task.