When you first receive the login details for your FarmWizard cloud account, your animal data will usually have been loaded from two sources;

• The list of animals on the holding from the government database (BCMS/APHIS)

• Cow lactation histories and breeding events from your milk recording agency (CIS, NMR, QMMS, UDF)

FarmWizard Dairy Start Up Check List for Milk Recorded Herds

In order to start using FarmWizard to maintain the cow breeding calendar and Herd Register, you will need to complete a few checks and set up tasks as follows:

  1. Check that all cows in the milking herd have been added to the Breed Cycle Manager (BCM).  When your herd lactation data is first loaded, cows will be automatically added to the BCM, including served heifers.  You will need to add heifers that are coming up for first service and check for any cows that have not yet been added to the BCM.  Go to Dairy Manager > Breed Cycle Manager > Add Cows to view a list of all cows and 12 month heifers that are not currently on the BCM.  You can add the required animals from this screen by clicking on the animal ear tag in the list and adding the freeze brand number and current lactation number. More information on the Breed Cycle ManagerYou can view a list of available brand numbers from the Quick Reports screen. Specify a maximum number and click the Available Mgmt/FBs button to produce a list of un-used ear tags up to the maximum number set.
  2. Amend the BCM Settings appropriate for your herd
  3. Check AI Sires currently in use and add any that are missing. To view the list of sires that have been automatically added, go to Dairy Manager > List Semen Stock.  If your herd is pedigree registered via Holstein UK, you can download a pick list of sires to add to your FarmWizard account.
  4. Amend or enter any live breeding bulls
  5. If you intend to record medicine treatments, add your current medicine stock items
  6. Optional: If you are registered to notify reportable events to the Government database (BCMS/APHIS), run the Difference Report to check there are no discrepancies
  7. Optional: If you want to register calf passports directly from FarmWizard, it is a good idea to download your available (un-used) ear tags from the Government database. Download the tags in FarmWizard via the Herd Manager > Add Tags screen.
    Note: this functionality requires your Government Gateway log in details to be stored within your FarmWizard account. These details are stored securely and are not visible on any of the user screens.  Please contact the FarmWizard Service Desk for further assistance


FarmWizard Dairy Start Up Check List for Milk Recorded Herds