FarmWizard Dairy Reports Quick Introduction

The Quick Reports main screen gives access to a wide range of standard and user-defined reports.

FarmWizard Dairy Reports

2015-09-07_12-41-42 Run or Delete a previous saved Fertility Rule Report.  These reports can also be tagged to select animals for the Vet Visit report
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Commonly used action list reports. Set the date range and click the required button to run the report.

Note: this report selects cows in the date range based on the system scheduled breeding event dates. This would show animals that didn’t have predicted dates in this period. To produce lists of animals due for… within a selected number days from “today”, use the Fertility Rule Report

2015-09-07_12-42-41 Cow Attention Reports to select animals with potential fertility problems
2015-09-07_12-42-54 Cow Status Reports select animals on their current breed state
2015-09-07_12-43-06 The other reports enable you to produce animal lists based on Group, Year of Birth.  This section also displays a button to run the Vet Visit Report
2015-09-07_12-43-18 The Fertility Reports includes access to the Attention List that shows cows potentially coming back into heat, the Brayboard visual breeding chart, the Days to Service Chart and the herd Calving List report

FarmWizard Dairy Reports – The Vet Visit Report

The Vet Visit report enables you to bring together, in a single report, all the animals that need to be seen.  It’s an aggregated report that’s made up of one or more component fertility rule reports.  When the Vet Visit report is run, all the component rule reports are run to produce a single report.

The Vet Visit report grid shows one record (row) for each brand number. If an animal matches the selection criteria for more than one of the component rule reports, then all the reasons for inclusion are shown in the Report Groups column.

To create the Vet Visit report, proceed as follows:

  1. Use the Fertility Rule Reports to build one or more rule reports. Save each one with a meaningful name (see Fertility Rule Reports section of this document)
  2. Navigate to the Quick Reports screen
  3. Use the Previously Saved Reports drop down list to select the first report required for the vet list
  4. Click Add/Remove to/from Vet List to add the report to the vet list. Notice that a “(V)” suffix is appended to the report name in the drop down list (see below). This “V” suffix will remain visible in the drop down list so that you know which Rule Reports are being used for the Vet Vist listvet-list
  5. If required, repeat steps 4 and 5 to add further saved rule reports to the Vet List
  6. Click the Vet Visit button to run the report
  7. The report will be generated on screen, with further options for refinement (see below)
2015-09-07_12-41-42 Rule reports can be removed or added to make up the Vet Visit Report.  Select a report name from the Previously Saved Reports drop down list and click Add/Remove to/from Vet List, as required
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Check boxes to customise the report grid
2015-09-07_12-42-41 The report can be re-run for a future date by selecting a date from the date picker and clicking Rerun Report. This can be very useful for preparing a vet visit report for the week ahead
2015-09-07_12-42-54 Tick the box to exclude that row (brand) from the printable report


8. Download the Vet Visit report for printing or emailing by clicking on the Create PDF button

The Vet Visit report can be run as often as required. The report can be modified in two ways:

  1. By adding/removing component fertility rule reports
  2. By defining new component rule reports for inclusion in the Vet Visit report


FarmWizard Dairy Reports – Days to Service Chart

The Days to Service chart offers a useful visual indication of your herd’s service pattern. The green marker shows the animal’s first service, and if it has been served again, the most recent service is represented by a red marker vertically above the green one.  The report can be filtered by Group or by Lactation number.


FarmWizard Dairy Easy Reports

The Easy Report suite provides a quick and simple way to access many of the dairy reports in FarmWizard via drill-down category selection.

To run a report via the Easy Reports screen:

  1. Click Easy Report (Navigator) from the main Reports menu
  2. Select a main category from the first drop down list
  3. Select a sub-category from the second drop down list
  4. Click Run Report to generate the report to screen


FarmWizard Dairy Fertility Rule Reports

The Fertility Rule Reports offer the most powerful herd analysis tools in the FarmWizard report suite.  You can combine a wide range of herd fertility data with milk production and veterinary data to produce reports that will help you make more informed management decisions.

The Rule Reports are also used as the component reports for building the Vet Visit Report.

The general criteria for animals to show on the report are:

Unique mastitis cases are defined by a case treatment time of 7 days.  Mastitis cases can be viewed by clicking on the View Mastitis Events button from the Reports > Statistics > Year Round menu.  The Cell Count Threshold figure should be specified as hundreds e.g. 500.

As well as running specific analyses, herdsperson action lists can be produced using an alternative method to that of the Quick Report.  The Quick Report action lists use the scheduled future event dates that are calculated and stored for each animal by the FarmWizard system, whereas the Fertility Rule Report calculates from the last entered breeding event using the specified “number of days” parameter.

Tips for creating action list reports:

Some of the selection criteria use boolean operators, e.g. “more than”, “less than”, “equal to”, “between”

When you are using “between”, you must enter a number into both text boxes


When you are using operators like “more than”, “less than”, or “in the next…”, enter the number value into the first text box



To produce a Fertility Report, follow these steps:

  1. Select the columns to be included on the report.  A default column selection is applied, which can be modified using the tick boxes when the Show Columns to Select button is clicked
  2. Click Show Columns to Select and tick the required boxes for the report columns (there are a number selected by default so this is optional)
  3. Define the criteria for selecting animal data by using the drop down boxes and entering values into the text boxes
  4. Click Create Rule Based Decision Report to generate the report on screen
  5. The report “definition” can be saved for subsequent re-use.  To save the report, enter a meaningful name into the text box at the top of the screen and click Save Report As (shown below).  Saved reports can be run from the Reports > Quick Reports screen and the Easy Reports > My Favourites screen

FarmWizard Dairy Reports 7 Day Planner and Calendar

The 7 Day Planner Report offers a concise presentation of individual cow scheduled breeding events and also flags up animals that may need attention e.g. 3 or more services to date but not in-calf.

7 Day Planner

The 7 Day Planner can be accessed from the main Reports menu, under Fertility Reports. At the top of the screen, a summary shows the number of animals in calf, the number milking and the number currently dry.


Click on the scheduled event date after the brand number to display the animal’s breeding history to the right side of the screen:


All scheduled breeding events will show as “Not done”.  Click on the event Type to move to the data entry screen.


The Calendar under Dairy Manager > Breed Cycle Manager offers another more visual way of viewing and confirming scheduled breeding events.

(Historical) Event Reports

The Event Reports give access to

  1. Click Event Report from the main Reports menu
  2. Select the required date range
  3. Tick the boxes to select the required event types
  4. Click List Breeding Events to generate the report on screen

The report will include breeding events imported from an auto-parlour and datastream file as well as events entered by manual methods.

Fertility Statistics

Many standard measures of herd fertility performance can be accessed from Reports > Statistics > Year Round

To produce the various statistical reports, first define the Analysis Period and then click the required button to generate the report on screen.


2015-09-07_12-41-42 Date pickers to define the analysis period. The default is set for the previous 12 months
2015-09-07_12-42-14 General Herd Statistics include:

  • Calving to First Service
  • Calving to Conception
  • Conception Rate
  • Conception Rate to First Service
  • Culled reason
  • Inter-oestrus/Return Intervals
2015-09-07_12-42-41 Conception Rates can be calculated by a range of variables, including Service Sire and Administrator (breeding technician).  Select the required variable from the drop down list and click View Conception Rates
2015-09-07_12-42-54 21 Day Pregnancy Rates. The pregnancy rate report generates a data grid with each report row representing a discrete 21 day period within the defined Analysis Period.  The grid can be sorted by clicking on the required column heading.

The animals that were eligible during a particular period can be inspected by clicking on the date in the first grid column (shown below).


Cow Reports

The Cow Reports screen provides access to a number of set-piece reports for breeding actions lists and breeding states.


Weight Reports

If regularly weigh dairy heifers or milking cows, you can enter weights via the Batch Manager.  Reports to show weight with daily liveweight gain (DLWG) can be produced as follows:

  1. Go to Report > Easy Report (Navigator)
  2. Select Herd Weight Gain from the drop down list
  3. Click Run Report
  4. A data grid will show all weighing events for the previous 12 months


To view all the animals weighed on a listed date:

For the required date, click on Click for List in the Table View column.  A data grid will display showing each animal identity with it’s current weight and weigh history.  Daily Live Weight Gain (DLWG) is also shown.


To create a custom weigh analysis report:

1.Click on Design your own weigh report

2.Select animals to include in the report. There are two ways to do this:

  • Define a filter by selecting from the drop down lists and entering text into the text boxes. Click Filter to select the animals
  • Select animals from the list box. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and left click on animal IDs while scrolling down the list

3.Select a Date Range and optionally set a sort order for the report

4.Press the required button to generate the report:

  • Create Graph – a line graph of the selected weigh data
  • Create Detail – a data grid showing additional detail e.g. days on farm, sire identity
  • Create Overview Tablebasic information, including daily liveweight gain


Basic Animal Identity Lists

To produce a customised list of animals to print as hard copy or to download as a spreadsheet, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Reports main menu and click on Animals under the Rule Reports sub menu
  2. On the following screen tick the required boxes to select the columns that will display on the report
  3. Use the drop down boxes and text boxes to define the list of animals for the report; for example, if you want to produce a list of animals currently on the holding, select “Live” in the State drop down list
  4. Click List animals matching rule
  5. You can download the report in spreadsheet format or click PDF to download the report for printing

: if you want to download and print a worksheet-style report with space for recording notes, use the Notifications tick box