The mobile dairy App will work on any smartphone or tablet computer running Android or Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad).  The App will enable you to perform the following tasks:

➢View animal details, breeding history, treatments and milk test results

➢View a herd action list for scheduled breeding events

➢Record new breeding events, including calf birth registrations

➢Record medicine treatments

➢Record animal sales and deaths

➢Record mobility and condition scores

➢Record weights

➢Record inputs for individual fields (if the field recording module is activated)

Note: if you want to record animal events by EID tag scanning, you need to use the FarmWizard Bluetooth App on an Android device

The App will work “offline” once data has been loaded from your FarmWizard cloud account.  This means that you can view animal records and record new information without your device being connected to the Internet.

FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App – Set Up

Before you can transfer data from your cloud account to your mobile device, you will need to check the following in your FarmWizard account:

  • All cows and bulling heifers are on the Breed Cycle Manager (with freeze brands assigned)
  • Available ear tags have been downloaded from BCMS via BCMS Interface > Add Tags (optional)
  • Semen stocks (AI Sires) have been added with the correct sire details
  • Live breeding  bulls have been added as the type “Bull” via Herd Manager
  • If you want to record medicine treatments, check that your current medicine stock items have been added via the Vet Centre
  • Ensure the Google Chrome Web browser App is installed.  This can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Ensure your mobile device has an Internet connection set up  –  Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile signal


FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App – Initial Data Transfer (Synchronisation)

chrome-icon1.Open the Chrome App and enter the web address: and  press the Go/Enter button

FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App

2.The welcome screen will display. Enter your FarmWizard user name and password. These are the same details that you use to access your main cloud account.  Press Login

3.Your herd data will be downloaded to your mobile device.  This data transfer process is called synchronisation and will take less than one minute for most herd sizes.  When synchronisation is complete, two messages will display, one after the other, as shown below:

4.The home screen will now display.  The number of animals loaded will be shown at the top of the navigation menu (only cows and heifers currently on the Breed Cycle Manager are loaded)

5.You are now ready to look up animal records and record new events.  Performing these tasks do not require your device to be connected to the Internet.  An Internet connection is only required to synchronise (transfer) data to the FarmWizard Cloud.

FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App – General Method of Operation

Once the initial data synchronisation has been successfully completed, your data will be stored on the mobile device. This means that you can work with your livestock records offline without an Internet connection.  You can also power off or re-start your device without losing the data.  If necessary re-open the Chrome browser and return to the web

App Navigation

screenshot_0326124426 - CopyWhen navigating between screens, always use the Back button at the top, rather than the generic or physical “Back” button on your device. This will ensure that you don’t inadvertently go back to the home screen of the device.

Searching for Cow IDs

Type a freeze brand number into the search box at the top of the screen and press Find.  If an exact match is found, the cow report will be shown.  If an exact match is not made, a pick list will display (shown below), which will include the animal IDs that contain the numbers that you entered into the search box.  If the cows have pedigree names recorded, the name will also display in the pick list.  Select the required cow ID to load the animal’s report card.


The Cow Report Card

The cow report card displays the core details of the selected animal together with its breeding history, medicine treatment history and milk test results.

screenshot_03261251071.Cow ID and current breed status

2.Panel showing core animal details. The background colour matches the cow’s breeding status (and colour) on the desktop “Brayboard” report)

3.Current lactation number with number of days served and number of days calved

4.Separate report tabs for breeding history, medicine treatments and milk test results


FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App – Event Recording

The diagram below shows the method of operation for recording animal events:

FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App

Each event recording screen is accessed from the home screen.  To return to the home screen from any of the event screens, press the Back button at the top.  All events are recorded on an individual animal basis.


To record a cow event:

  1. Open the required event screen
  2. Select the required animal from the pick list at the top
    screenshot_0326125513 - Copy
  3. Complete the event detail
  4. Tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen
  5. Select another animal or press Back to return to the Home screen
  6. Optionally, you can tap Recorded Events Management > Pending to view the events that have been recorded since you last synchronised
  7. From the Home screen, tap Synchronise to transfer the recorded events to the FarmWizard Cloud. They will be immediately available via your login on the main FarmWizard website


FarmWizard Dairy Mobile App – Best Practice for Data Management

Single User

Even if you are the only user of the App, it’s still a good idea to synchronise your data regularly – before you go out in the morning and again at night.  Regular synchronisation is important when you are recording BCMS Reportable events, which are time sensitive.  Regular synchronisation also guards against data loss should the mobile device be damaged or lost.

Multiple User Systems

When multiple devices (users) are being used to manage data for one or more herds required, it is recommended that each users has a clear understanding about event types to be recorded and the importance of synchronising new events to the cloud so that each device is kept fully updated.