FarmWizard Dairy Bluetooth App EID Recording Overview

The FarmWizard Bluetooth App enables you to use electronic identification (EID) to record information for individual animal tags.  This section describes the hardware and software that you need to use this part of the FarmWizard system.  If you are not using EID for data recording, then please use the Chrome version of the App

The Bluetooth App will enable you to perform the following tasks:

➢ View animal details, breeding history, treatments and milk test results

➢ View a herd action list for scheduled breeding events

➢ Record new breeding events, including calf birth registrations

➢ Record medicine treatments

➢ Record animal sales and deaths

➢ Record mobility and condition scores

➢ Record weights via a Bluetooth electronic weigh indicator

➢ Record inputs for individual fields (if the field recording module is activated)

The App will work “offline” once data has been loaded from your FarmWizard cloud account.  This means that you can view animal records and record new information without your device being connected to the Internet.

FarmWizard Dairy Bluetooth App EID Recording Prerequisites


To use the Bluetooth App you will need the following:

  • A valid license for the App
  • A Tablet or Smartphone running the Android operating system.  The device needs to have:
  • Android version 4.2 or higher. You can check this by going to the main Android Settings then tap About (phone)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • An EID stick reader. Currently supported devices include:
  • PTS
  • Tru Test XRS
  • Gallagher HR5

If you intend to record animal weights from an electronic weigh indicator, the following makes and models are currently supported:

  • Tru Test EziWeigh 7
  • Tru Test ID3000 Bluetooth
  • Tru Test XR3000 Bluetooth
  • Gallagher Smart Scale 800


Cattle Electronic Tag Numbers

“Lifetime” Cattle Tags

If you have purchased official lifetime EID tags with your herd mark printed on them, you will have received a “tag bucket” file from your tag supplier with each consignment. The tag bucket file usually comes in text file or spreadsheet file format and contains one column for the visible tag number and a second column for the corresponding EID number.  The tag buck file should be uploaded into your FarmWizard account so that the software will subsequently recognise animals when they are scanned.

To upload a tag bucket proceed as follows:

1.Open your tag bucket file in a text processor or spreadsheet program and check that the required columns are in the following order:
<EID number>,<Official Ear Tag Number “UK”>

2.Check whether the EID numbers are in hexadecimal or decimal format.  Hexadecimal number will contain letters, A,B,C,D,E,F as well as numbers

3.Go to Herd Manager > Data Import and select the correct format – hexadecimal or decimal Note: it’s important that you select the correct one – if in doubt please contact the Service Desk
FarmWizard Dairy Bluetooth App EID Recording

4.Browse to the folder location of your tag bucket file (e.g. on your computer’s hard drive or a memory stick)
FarmWizard Dairy Bluetooth App EID Recording

5.FarmWizard will show a list of official ear tag numbers that includes those have have been successfully matched (and the EID number updated) and those that have not been matched

If your FarmWizard account also contains a list of available (un-used) tags downloaded from the Government database (BCMS/APHIS), then the EID numbers for those tags will also be updated.

Blank Management EID Tags

These cattle tags will have a EID number but no corresponding visible tag number printed on the outside.  To set the EID number in this situation, you will need to scan the tag when it has been inserted into the animal’s ear.  To set an EID number, proceed as follows:

1.Use the animal search function from the App Home screen to bring up the required animal record report card

2.Ensure your stick reader is powered on and tap the Set EID button at the bottom of the screen and the message “Ready to scan tag” will display

3.Scan the animal EID tag. The number will be added EID field in the report card

4.Press the volume down button on the Android device to end the scanning session

5.Navigate back to the Home screen and tap Synchronise (Internet connection required).  The message “All Events Submitted” will display first, followed by the the normal synchronisation confirmation messages

Note: Before you can record events against newly assigned EID tags, you must perform a second synchronisation. This is necessary to ensure the master animal record is updated on your Android device.

Sheep Electronic Tag Numbers

UK sheep tags are “WYSIWYG”, which means that the electronic chip number is the same as the visible tag number (the “UK” is represented by a three digit country code on the chip).  This means there are no tag bucket to worry about.  If you enter new sheep IDs on the main FarmWizard website, the EID number will be automatically calculated based on the entered visible tag number.

Installing the Bluetooth App

To install the FarmWizard Bluetooth App, proceed as follows:

1.Ensure your device is connected to the Internet and open Google Play and search for “FarmWizard”.

2.The App listing will display:


3.Tap on the FarmWizard listing and then tap Install and then Accept to the following permission dialog


4.The App will download and a FarmWizard icon will be installed on your device home screen:

Pairing your Android device with the Reader

The Android device must be paired with the Bluetooth stick reader.  To complete this task, proceed as follows:

1.Ensure your stick reader has adequate power charge, and power it on. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled

2.Open the Android Settings screen

3.Tap on Bluetooth and, if necessary switch it on.  You should see your stick reader Bluetooth name in the list of available devices.
Tip: if Bluetooth is already switched on but your device is not visible, perform a scan for available devices or switch Bluetooth off and on again

4.Tap on the stick reader name and enter the PIN when prompted

Stick Reader Make   PIN Code

PTS                            “1234”

Tru Test XRS              “0000” or “default”

5.Tap OK and the stick reader will be added to the list of paired devices

Pairing your Android device with the Weigher

Power on your Bluetooth weigh indicator and follow the same steps you used to pair the stick reader. For Tru Test weigh indicators the Bluetooth PIN is either “default” (case sensitive) or “0000”

Tip: to enter letters for the PIN, you should tick the box “PIN contains letters or symbols” on the PIN code pop up box

Configuring your FarmWizard account

Before you synchronise your Android device, you must enter some configuration settings in your Cloud account on the main FarmWizard website. To perform this task, use the following steps:

1.Go to the Dairy/Beef/Sheep Manager menu as appropriate and click on Configuration under the EID Config sub menu

2.Amend the settings as follows:

2015-09-07_12-41-42 Select Type/Make of your EID reader
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Enter the Bluetooth name of the reader (you can get this from the Bluetooth settings on your Android device)
2015-09-07_12-42-41 Select the Type/Make of your weigh indicator
2015-09-07_12-42-54 Enter the Bluetooth name of the reader (you can get this from the Bluetooth settings on your Android device)

3.If you will be entering new animal IDs on the Android device, you need to select

4.Click Update Details to save the settings

General Method of Operation

Once the initial data synchronisation has been successfully completed, your data will be stored on the mobile device. This means that you can work with your livestock records offline without an Internet connection.  You can also power off or re-start your device without losing the data.

App Navigation

When navigating between screens, always use the Back button at the top, rather than the generic or physical “Back” button on your device. This will ensure that you don’t inadvertently go back to the home screen of the device.

screenshot_0326124426 - Copy

Manual Search for Animal IDs

Although the App is designed to identity animals via EID, it is possible to look up animal records manually.  To do this, type a full or partial number into the search box at the top of the screen and press Find.  If an exact match is found, the cow report will be shown.  If an exact match is not made, a pick list will display (shown below), which will include the animal IDs that contain the numbers that you entered into the search box.  If the cows have pedigree names recorded, the name will also display in the pick list.  Select the required cow ID to load the animal’s report card.


You can also perform a manual search on any of the event entry screens.  This could be useful for unscheduled recording for one or two animals and the stick reader is not present.

The Animal Report Card

The cow report card displays the core details of the selected animal together with its breeding history, medicine treatment history and milk test results.

screenshot_0326125107 1.Animal ID and current breeding status

2.Panel showing core animal details. The background colour matches the cow’s breeding status (and colour) on the desktop “Brayboard” report)

3.Current lactation number with number of days served and number of days calved

4.Separate report tabs for breeding history, medicine treatments and milk test results


To look up an animal report card, proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth stick reader is powered on and paired with the Android device
  2. Open the FarmWizard App and tap View History by EID Tags
  3. You will be prompted whether or not you wish to perform a Stock Take task.  Answer “No”
  4. The App will display the message “Ready to scan tags”.  Scan the first tag to display the animal’s report card
  5. Scan further tags as required. The report card will automatically be loaded after each scan
  6. When you have viewed all the required report cards, press the Volume Down key once on the phone body. The App will display the message “Reading Stopped”

Event Recording via EID Tag Scanning

The diagram below shows the method of operation for recording animal events:


Each event recording screen is accessed from the main Home screen.  To return to the Home screen from any of the event screens, press the Back button at the top.

The principle of data recording using EID involves the following steps in the App:

  1. Define the detail of the event. This will be applied to each tag scanned in the following tag reading session
  2. Start a tag scanning session by tapping Start Reading Tags
  3. Scan the required tags
  4. End the tag scanning session by pressing the volume down button on the side of the Android device

Optionally, after saving one or more events, you can tap Recorded Events Management > Pending to view the events that have been recorded since you last synchronised.  Erroneous or spurious events can be deleted from here before synchronisation

From the Home screen, tap Synchronise to transfer the recorded events to the FarmWizard Cloud. They will be immediately available via your login on the main FarmWizard website

Note: while a tag scanning session is open, the text and drop down boxes that you used to enter the detail of the event will become un-responsive.  If you want amend any of the detail before saving, you must tap “Cancel” after pressing the Volume Down button on the Android device.  At this point you can amend the detail, but you must scroll to the bottom and press the “Save” button before navigating to any other screen.


2015-09-07_12-41-42 Press Start Reading Tags to begin a tag scanning session. Ensure that your stick reader is powered on and paired with the Android device
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Enter a freeze brand or partial management/official tag number in the text box and press Manual Search/Add to locate the required animal.  If more than one animal is matched, a drop down list box will display below
2015-09-07_12-42-41 The main section of the screen provides text and drop down boxes to define the detail of the event. This will be recorded against each tag scanned
2015-09-07_12-42-54 Tap Save to store the recorded events.  This is mainly used when you tap “Cancel” to the auto-save message when you press the volume down button on the Android device


Best Practice for Data Management

Single User

Even if you are the only user of the App, it’s still a good idea to synchronise your data regularly – before you go out in the morning and again at night.  Regular synchronisation is important when you are recording BCMS Reportable events, which are time sensitive.  Regular synchronisation also guards against data loss should the mobile device be damaged or lost.

Multiple User Systems

When multiple devices (users) are being used to manage data for one or more herds required, it is recommended that each users has a clear understanding about event types to be recorded and the importance of synchronising new events to the cloud so that each device is kept fully updated.

Recording Weights from a Bluetooth Indicator

The FarmWizard Bluetooth App enables you to record animal weights in real-time from a Bluetooth weigh indicator.  To set up a weighing session, follow the steps below.

Before starting to weigh animals, ensure the weigh indicator adequately charged and is attached to the load bars with the display reading “0.0 kg”. Also check that your Bluetooth stick reader has sufficient power for the weighing session.  Ensure both devices are paired with the Android device under the main Android Settings

1.Open the FarmWizard Bluetooth App and tap Weigh

2.Check the Date is correct for “today” and enter Notes if required

3.If you want the App to save each weight as it’s recorded, tick the Auto Add box
Note: if you want to mark specific animals for pre-movement before saving the data, leave Auto Add un-ticked so that all weights are visible in the grid

4.If you want to record a condition score for each animal, tick the Record Condition Score box

5.Tap Start Reading Tags to open a scanning session

6.When the first animal is on the platform and a stable weight has been registered on the weigh indicator, scan the tag. After a few seconds, the tag number and the weight will display in the App data grid.  If you are recording condition scores, you will be prompted to enter a value in a pop-up box

7.Repeat step 6 for each animal to be weighed

8.When the weighing session is complete, press the volume down button on the Android device once and wait for the auto-save message box to display. Respond as follows:
– if you want to save all weight immediately with no further data amendments, tap OK
– if you want to mark animals for pre-movement, tap Cancel to return to the weight grid. You can now mark animals for move using the tick boxes within the data grid.  When you have finished, you must scroll to the bottom of the grid and tap Save Weights to save the data

light-bulb2 Tip: If there is likely to be a short break to pen up a new batch of animals, it can be a good idea to safeguard the data by pressing the volume down button to save the weights.  You simply then start another weight scanning session for the new batch of animals through the race.


2015-09-07_12-41-42 The text box shows how many tags have been scanned in the current session, and the drop-down box shows the individual tag numbers
2015-09-07_12-42-14 Detail of the weighing session Date and Notes
2015-09-07_12-42-41 Auto Add check box. If ticked, each weight will be saved
2015-09-07_12-42-54 Panel shows the IDs of animals that have been scanned in the current session


Performing a Stock Take

The Bluetooth App Stock Take function enables you to scan a number of EID tags and synchronise the list to your FarmWizard Cloud account.  This list can be viewed as a report from the Reports > QA Reporting > Design Report menu.

A stock take can be recorded in two ways:

  • Tap Yes when using the View History by EID Tags function.  Each animal scanned will be added to the stock take when it’s report card displays
  • Via the dedicated Stock Take function, accessed from the Home screen.  You can also set the scanned animals to a management group#