Selling Single Animals

To sell a single animal proceed as follows:
1.Go to Herd Manager > List Herd. Use one of the following search methods or scroll through the herd list to locate the required animal

Selling Animals







Selling Animals Scroll through the list and single left click on the required animal identity to display its details
Selling Animals search by management tag number.  Type a double quote (“) before the number to search for an exact match
Selling Animals search by Government ID number. Type a double quote for an exact match or enter the last few digits for a partial match. All matching tags will be displayed in the grid list below when you click Search

2.The search results may return one or more animal identities. Click on the required ear tag number in the list.  The selected animal’s details will display to right side of the screen.

3.Click the Sale button and complete the sale detail on the following screen  The mandatory data items are the Date of the “Off” movement and the sestination premises.  If the destination premises is not in the drop down list, select “Other, enter value >” and enter the new premises name in the text box to the right.

Selling Animals







4.If you wish to report the “Off” movement to BCMS/APHIS, tick the Register box.

5.You can optionally create an invoice for the sale details

6.Click Record Sale.  The animal’s status will changed to “Sold” and the movement set as pending notification to BCMS/APHIS

Tip: If you need to inspect the details of a previously sold animal, go to Herd Manager > List Herd and tick the “Inc moved off animals” box and then use one of the search functions. The animal details will display with the date of sale

Farmwizard Beef Selling Animals in a Batch

To sell a batch of animals, proceed as follows:

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on Batch Manager

2.Define the list of animals to be sold by typing in a list of animal IDs, applying a filter or selecting from the main list box

3.Click the Record Event button and then the Batch Sale button

4.Complete the detail of the sale and tick the Register box if you want to report the “Off” movements to BCMS/APHIS

Batch Sale










Note: If you are notifying the movements to BCMS/APHIS, you should log back into your FarmWizard account within 24 hours to check that the movement records have been validated and accepted by the Government database.

Sell Animals and Import Kill Out Data

You can mark animals as sold and import electronic Kill Out data in the same operation.  This is useful if you don’t wish to mark animals as sold in FarmWizard until you receive the Kill data i.e. the beef processor may have reported your “Off” movements for you.

If the data file contains details of animals in other FarmWizard herds, these will also be updated when you run the function from within the Current Herd.

To load Kill Data, proceed as follows:

1.Go to the Beef Manager main menu and click on Download Kill Info under the Beef Performance Manager sub-menu







2.If you want to mark the animals as sold, select the Kill Date and enter the name of the destination.  Tick Update BCMS if you need to report the movement to BCMS

3.Select the name of the beef processor and click Choose File. Browse to the folder where the data file is saved, select it with a single left-click and click Open







4.Click the Upload button.  Animals in the data file that are matched in FarmWizard will be displayed in a grid.  Any animals that are not matched will be shown in red (shown below)








5. You can now optionally enter a value for each live weight.  To update the animal data in FarmWizard, click Load kill info on FarmWizard.

6.When the update is complete, a message will display showing the number of animals updated.  If animals were found in more than one herd, the numbers will be itemised (shown below)