Recording Single Animal Weights

To record a weight for a single animal:

1.Go to Herd Manager > List Herd. Use one of the following search methods or scroll through the herd list to locate the required animal







Selling Animals Scroll through the list and single left click on the required animal ear tag to display its details
Selling Animals search by management tag number.  Type a double quote (“) before the number to search for an exact match
Selling Animals search by ear tag (Government ID). Type a double quote for an exact match or enter the last few digits for a partial match. All matching tags will be displayed in the grid list below when you click Search

2.The search results may return one or more animal identities. Click on the required ear tag number in the list.  The selected animal’s details will display to right side of the screen

3.Click on Add Weighing Event and enter the weight in kilograms with the date and name of the person who recorded the weight.  You can optionally enter any Notes






4.Click Save Weighing to save the record into your FarmWizard account

Batch Recording Animal Weights

To record individual weights for a batch of animals, use the Batch Manager as follows:

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on Batch Manager

2.Select the list of animals to be sold by typing in a list of animal IDs, applying a filter or selecting from the list box

3.Click the Record Event button and then the Batch Weigh button.   A data entry grid will display









4.Use the Done By drop down list to select the name of the person who carried out the weighing operation or use the “Other, enter value >” list item to enter a new name in the text box to the right.  Select the weigh date and enter any Notes

5.Within the data grid, enter the weight (kg) against each animal record

6.Click Record Events to save the data

FarmWizard Beef Performance Recording – Editing Weights

Individual animal weights can be amended after they have been saved.  The process involves the following steps.

1.Go to the Reports main menu and click on Animal Performance under the Beef Performance sub menu. Select any required column headings or leave blank to include all columns on the report grid.

To find the required animal you can:

Either enter it’s ear tag into the Filter value text box and click Search to view all it’s recorded weights

Or set a Date Range and click Sold, Bought or Live as appropriate to display all animals meeting the specified criteria. Click on the required ear tag in the report grid (see below)






2.Click on the required weight, edit as required and click the Update button to save the change