Recording Animals Born on Holding

New calves born on the holding are added to the FarmWizard Herd Register by recording a Birth (Calving) event for the dam.  This requires the Breed Cycle Manager, which provides functions to manage the cow breeding calendar.

Recording a Birth event on FarmWizard causes the following to be updated in your herd records:

•The cow is moved to the “pre-heat” breed status and it’s breeding history updated

•The calf is enrolled on your herd list and optionally, the passport application request is made to the Government database (a reportable event)

•The FarmWizard Herd Register records the calf birth event

If you have downloaded your available ear tags from the CTS, simply pick the required tag from the list. Otherwise, type in the full ear tag number – “UK” followed by 12 digits.

Entering Single Animal Purchases

To record the purchase of a single animal, perform the following steps. This will add the ID to the Herd Register in FarmWizard and give you the option to report the “On” movement to the Government database (BCMS/APHIS).

1.Hover your mouse pointer over the Herd Manager main menu and click on Add Animal under the Herd Manager sub-menu

2.A new data form will be loaded.  Complete the mandatory data items (see below) and any optional data

3.If you want to report the “On” movement to BCMS or APHIS, tick the Record Movement box

Entering and Amending




4.Check the details are correct and then click Register New Purchase to save the new animal ID.

Mandatory data items

•Ear Tag – this is the full government identity number



•Colour (Northern Ireland and Ireland)

•The source premises where the animal was purchased/collected. If the name of the required holding is not in the list, select “Other, enter value >” from the drop down list and type the name of the new source premises into the text box to the right

Entering and Amending



•Date of Birth

•Herd Join Date – the date of the “On” movement

Optional data items

•If you use management tags, enter this number in the Freeze Brand box

•If you are performance recording, enter the Purchase Weight and optionally, the Purchase Price

Entering Animal Purchases in a Batch

There are several ways to enter purchased animals into your FarmWizard herd account as a batch.

Scanning the bar code on the cattle passports

The quickest and most accurate method is to use a bar code reader to scan the bar code at the bottom on the cattle passport document. This bar code contains the following information:

•Government ear tag number


•Date of birth


To scan a batch of passports into your FarmWizard account, proceed as follows

1.Group the passport documents by supplier and arrival date.  This will form a single scanning batch

2.Go the Herd Manager main menu and click Scan Passports under the BCMS Interface sub menu

3.Check that the Movement Type is set to “On”

4.Select the source premises that the animals originated from.  If the premises name is not in the list, select “Other, enter value >” in the drop down and type the new name into the text box to the right

Entering and Amending



5.If you want to record additional animal details, tick Record Price/Weight/Sire and optionally enter default values for Batch Number (for your own internal farm system), Haulage Cost and Price.  These default values will be applied to each animal record in the purchase details grid.

6.Set the Movement Date as the date that the animals moved onto your holding

7.If you want to notify the movements to the Government database, tick the Record with BCMS/APHIS box

8.Click your mouse pointer within the large Scanned Animals text box so that the cursor is flashing

9.Scan the bar code at the bottom of each BCMS passport document. The detail from each passport will display as a single line within the text box. You can scan up to 100 passports in one batch

10. Click the the Record Movement button. If have ticked the box to record additional animal details, a data grid will display with one row for each animal scanned (shown below).  The available details are management tag number (FB), Sire name, Price, Weight, Entry Grade, an internal farm Batch Number and Haulage Cost (use the default value set in Step 5)
Note: these details can be entered or amended later if required.
If you do not tick the box to record additional animal details, the new animal IDs will be directly saved to your FarmWizard account

Entering and Amending







11.If you do not tick the box to record additional animal details, the new animal IDs will be directly saved to your FarmWizard account

12. If you have chosen to enter additional animal data and have entered this information, click Record Movement. This will save all the animal details into your FarmWizard account.

After saving a scanned batch of passports with the Register option ticked, the list of “On” movements will display as pending on the Registrations screen under Herd Management > BCMS Interface. You can now leave the system to notify automatically the next day, or you can click the Register Outstanding Moves Now button to send the movements immediately

Entering and Amending









13. Be sure to log into your FarmWizard account within a day of sending the movement to check that all the information has been accepted by the Government database.  You can view a list of previously registered events by clicking List Registered Events under Herd Manager > BCMS Interface > Registrations

Entering and Amending Animal IDs Uploading from a CSV data file

It is possible to upload new animals via a comma separated value file (CSV).  A CSV file can easily be created from a spreadsheet where animal identities are stored one per row with the columns containing a single piece of data about the animal e.g. ear tag, date of birth, breed, etc.  To save a spreadsheet (e.g. Microsoft Excel .xls or xlsx) go to File > Save As… in the spreadsheet software and select the CSV file type

Entering and Amending






The order of the columns on the spreadsheet must conform to the Full Animal List import schema under the Herd Manager main menu.  To import the data proceed as follows:

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on the Data Import sub menu

2.Check that the order of the columns in your CSV file match the column order for the Full Animal List import type. The mandatory data columns are as follows (and are marked with an asterisk on the FarmWizard screen)
Official Ear Tag, Date of Birth, Herd Join Date, Govt Breed Code, Sex (M/F)

3.Select the Full Animal List import type

Entering and Amending



Entering and Amending4.Browse to the location for the CSV file on your computer and click Import Selected Data to run the import

5.The system will show a list the successfully imported animal identities

Downloading Dam Details from BCMS

FarmWizard can download the identity of the animal’s genetic dam from the BCMS CTS database.  This is a useful function for beef finishers because the Genetic Dam ID is not included in the passport bar code.

This is only possible 24 hours after the animal has been entered into your FarmWizard account and the resulting “On” movement has been reported to the BCMS.  This is because the CTS system usually needs 24 hours to update your cattle on holding file after the “On” movement is reported.

To download genetic Dam IDs, proceed as follows:

1.Ensure at least 24 hours has elapsed since the “On” movement was reported (this gives time for the Government database to be fully updated)

2.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on Differences under the BCMS Interface sub-menu

3.Click the button Download missing Dam IDs and wait for a few seconds

After your herd data has been updated, the Dam ID will be visible on the animal’s identity record.

Note: the Dam ID is only added if the Dam ID is blank i.e. it will was update of amend an existing Dam ID.

Amending Animal Details

If you need to amend one or more animal identity records after it has been saved, follow one of these methods:

Amending a single animal record

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on Herd List. Search or scroll to locate the required ear tag number

2.Click on the ear tag number in the list and then click on the Update Animal Details button to the right of the screen

3.You will now be able to edit the record, however you will be required to enter an update reason before the changes can be savedEntering and Amending



Amending multiple animal records as a batch

It is also possible to amend animal identity records as a batch. This can be useful if you need to retrospectively enter management tag numbers for a group of animals.

1.Go to the Herd Manager main menu and click on Batch Manager

2.Using manual selection or filtering, define the list of animals that you wish to amend

3.Click the Click to Record Event button

Entering and Amending



4.On the following screen, click the Batch Update button

Entering and Amending







5.On the following screen, the details for each animal will be represented by a group of text boxes and drop down boxes. Edit the records as required for one or more animals

6.Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Update Animals button to save the changes

Entering and Amending