The FarmWizard BCMS/APHIS Interface enables you to perform the following functions for cattle IDs in your account:

•Apply for cattle Passports

•Notify “On” and “Off” cattle movements

•Notify cattle Deaths

•Produce a cross-check report showing differences between your cattle records on the Government database (CTS or APHIS) and your FarmWizard Herd Register

The FarmWizard BCMS Interface does not require you to log-in to CTS Online.  When you record cattle births, purchases, sales and deaths in the software, you will be given the option to report the resulting passport requests and movements to Government database. This is done automatically by the FarmWizard software on a daily basis (around 09:30am each morning).  Any cattle records that are not successfully validated by the Government database will be notified to your FarmWizard Home screen Dashboard. In the latter case, you should check and amend your cattle records for the next daily submission.

The BCMS Data Link – Setting up to use the BCMS Interface

Before you can use the BCMS Interface, you must first have first contacted the BCMS Helpline to request log-in details for “CTS Web Services for farm software”.  The BCMS will post these details to your registered holding address as two separate mailings; once you have received both, please contact the FarmWizard Service Desk.

For more information about “CTS Web Services”, click here ( website).

Please note: The “CTS Web Services for farm software” log-in details are completely separate to the Government Gateway log-in details that you use to access the CTS Online website.  If you need any further assistance please contact the FarmWizard Service Desk on 01536 443300 or email

Method of operation

When you record cattle births, purchases, sales and death, the Herd Register report within your FarmWizard account will be updated.  At the point where you save BCMS notifiable events, you will have the option to send these events directly to the BCMS CTS system from your FarmWizard account.  This means that you don’t need to log-in to the CTS Online website to record this information.

This data link to the BCMS uses a specific electronic reporting service called “CTS Web Services (for farm software)”. To use CTS Web Services for your herd holding number, you must contact the BCMS Helpline to request set up for this service.  The BCMS will issue a User ID (also called a reference number (9 digits) and a passport (7 characters – numbers and letters). Once the FarmWizard Service Desk has stored these logins against your account, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

•Notify cattle On, Off and Death movements

•Apply for cattle passports

•Perform a cross-check between your cattle records on the Cattle Tracing System (CTS) and your Herd Register in FarmWizard

•For purchased cattle, download Dam IDs from the CTS

Notifying Movements and Passport Applications

When you record cattle purchases, sales and deaths, the Herd Register report in your FarmWizard account will be updated.  These are termed “notifiable events”.  If you choose to notify these events to the Government database, the procedural steps are as follows: BCMS Data Link






In more detail:

1. Create the Notifiable Events

BCMS Data LinkWhen you save a BCMS notifiable event and want to report it to the Government database, you should tick the box, Register with APHIS/BCMS. This tick box is shown for batch entry operations as well as for single animal data entry.  When recording new births (calving events) on FarmWizard, the Register box will be ticked by default; un-tick the box only if you do not want to register the passport.

2. Submission to BCMS – automatic or manual

When you tick the Register box, the movements/births will be transferred onto the FarmWizard BCMS Interface “pending” list. Think of this as like an “outbox” for events waiting to be sent to the Government database.  You can view this pending list by going to Herd Manager > BCMS Interface > Registrations.

If you leave the events on this list, the FarmWizard system will submit all of them (passports and movements) at approximately 9:30am the next morning.  You do not need to be logged into your account for this to happen, as all processes are take place on the FarmWizard central computers (Cloud Servers).

Alternatively, you can choose to submit your pending events manually by clicking the appropriate button on the Registrations screen. Manual submission is immediate.  To register movements, click Register Outstanding Moves Now.  To register passports, click Register Outstanding Births Now. BCMS Data Link


3. Check Events Successfully Verified

When the events have been successfully submitted to the Government database, they will be queued for verification. This means that the BCMS system will check there are no errors in the events that you just submitted.

Normally, verification only takes a few seconds, however, it’s strongly recommended that you log into your FarmWizard account within 24 hours to check that the data has been successfully verified and accepted by the Government database. This is especially important for passport applications.

After a successful verification, you can view all the notifiable events by clicking on List Registered Events.BCMS Data Link





Each submitted movement or passport will show a long number in the Reply column (see below).  Successful events should show a long number in the Reply column; this is the receipt number issued by the BCMS system.  You should also check to see if there any other messages in the Warning column – these are usually advisory.

BCMS Data Link


Verification Errors

If there have been problems with the data verification, a red error message will show on your FarmWizard Home Dashboard and the BCMS Interface Registrations screen (shown below).  In this case, the events will still be showing on the “pending” list, along with a response message from BCMS in the Reply column for each event. This message will help you to identify and correct the problem ready for the next auto or manual submission.

BCMS Data Link


The BCMS Difference Report

The FarmWizard BCSM Interface includes a report that compares the animal IDs listed in the FarmWizard Herd Register with your CTS “cattle on holding” list.

It’s recommended that you run this report frequently to check that your farm records are always synchronised with the Government database.

To run the Difference Report, go to the Herd Manager main menu then click on Differences under the BCMS Interface sub menu. The report may take up to a minute to run, and is split into three sections:

Animals on BCMS but not on FarmWizard

Animals on FarmWizard but not on BCMS

Animals whose details differ on BCMS and FarmWizard

BCMS Data Link


A few examples of how discrepancies can occur:

Animals on BCMS but not in FarmWizard

Movements “On” or new births have been reported to BCMS by other means e.g. CTS Online or telephone

Animals in FarmWizard but not on BCMS

Animals have been sold through a livestock market , which has reported the “Off” movement on your behalf

Animals have moved off your holding but the “Off” movement has been reported by other means e.g. CTS Online or telephone

“Missing” animals

If you appear to have some missing animals when you log into your FarmWizard account for the first time, it could be for the following reasons:

The missing animals are currently on another holding for rearing or temporary grazing purposes (but are still in your ownership)

The animals moved onto your holding close to the time your animal list was downloaded into your FarmWizard account.  The CTS Online system works on a 24 hour update cycle.  Animals that were reported moving “On” the day before your cloud account was created might not have been included in the download list.  CTS update delays can also sometimes occur with imported animals

Updating missing Dam IDs

For beef finishers buying in calves, FarmWizard provides a function to download any missing Dam official IDs from the BCMS.  This can be useful as the the passport bar code does not contain the official dam identity.

To update dam IDs, go to the Herd Manager main menu then click on Differences under the BCMS Interface sub menu and click the button Download missing Dam IDs.

Note: this function will only update the dam ID where there is no current value (blank)  in your FarmWizard account.