Sheep Software

Orchid FarmWizard for Sheep has been designed to help you keep accurate on-farm records to meet current legislation.  You can enter flock records directly on the farm computer or you can work outside with a handheld computer that automatically transfers flock data to the main farm computer.

As well as statutory record keeping, Orchid FarmWizard offers full flock performance recording when used in conjunction with a handheld computer that’s equipped for electronic tag reading. Electronic identification (EID) is a tool which enables you to record large amounts of flock records quickly and easily. 

Orchid FarmWizard for sheep provides a complete solution for your statutory holding register:

  • keep individual records for sheep born or identified on your holding
  • main records of tag replacements
  • produce a head count of animals at any time of year
  • track all sheep movements on and off your holding

Give yourself peace of mind and be ready for any unannounced farm inspection for cross-compliance, trading standards, etc.

Orchid FarmWizard for sheep allows you to monitor the performance of the breeding flock so that you can make better management decisions.

Save time and get better management information

You can record and monitor lamb weights and kill-out data, which will help you with ram selection and ewe culling decisions. An increasing number of abattoirs, like Dunbia are offering kill-out data in electronic format.  This can be imported directly into Orchid FarmWizard – no time-consuming manual input required!

Orchid FarmWizard offers full Vet & Med recording to help you satisfy the needs of farm assurance schemes and buyers.  Easily record routine medicine treatments for the whole flock or enter treatments for individual animals.

Producing lambs to meet the needs of today’s  markets is vital to making better-than-average returns.  In conjunction with manual or electronic weighers, you can record lamb weights quickly and accurately, which will help you hit your buyer’s specifications.

Orchid FarmWizard provides powerful “rule based” reports that let you select your required data columns and define the criteria, which will select only the animal records that you are interested in.

Beyond any of the statutory requirements, electronic identification (EID) is a tool which can bring speed and accuracy to sheep recording.  Purchases, sales, medicine treatments, weights and lambing information can be recorded against any animal tag that’s just been scanned.  EID systems are becoming ever more reliable and easy to use, and Orchid FarmWizard is no exception!

We currently offer the Psion Workabout Pro handheld computer equipped with an Agrident tag reader.  This hardware gives you a full colour display with simple, clear data entry screens that are ideal for working in the busy outdoor environment.

Most of the Orchid FarmWizard functions come as standard, but there are a few modules that can be added for a single, one-off charge:

  • Smartphone App for recording and viewing animal records on iPhone, Android, Blackberry smartphones and tablet computers
  • Field recording – record grassland inputs on a field-by-field basis
  • Accounts – record bills and invoices, run VAT and Profit/Loss reports.  The option links in with the Orchid FarmWizard Farm Assurance feed and medicine records


There are two ways to load your animal IDs into the system:

  • manual data entry. You can type in tags individually or specify a sequence of tag numbers for entry as a batch.  For the batch entry, just tell the system the number of animals in the batch, the type e.g. breeding ewe and breed. Then add the flock mark number and the first number of the tag sequence. Finally, enter the date that the sheep moved on to your holding and Orchid FarmWizard will update your holding register
  • scanning electronic tags. If you have electronically tagged all your animals and have a handheld computer that’s equipped with an electronic tag reader, you can scan all your lambs and breeding females onto the system. Once recorded on the handheld, the sheep IDs can then easily be transferred to your FarmWizard account, which can be accessed on any computer that’s connected to the Internet

Yes, development of Orchid FarmWizard is on-going to keep the system up-to-date with changes in legislation and farm assurance requirements.  Best of all, there’s no software to install – simply login and you’ll first see a message telling you about the new features that have been added.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Any type of computer can be used – PC, Mac or Tablet computer – as long as an Internet connection is present.  For data viewing on the move, you can use an iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone.

For recording data against electronic tags we recommend and supply the Psion Workabout Pro equipped with an Agrident tag reader.

Yes. Your sheep records are held on our centralised system that is backed up regularly in a secure data centre.  Your data is protected by the same level of security that comes with your online banking.
For further information about sheep software recording with Orchid FarmWizard, give our team a call today on 01536 443300 or submit our enquiry form. Free software trial available.

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